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Building physics investigates the physical principles of building technology. In particular, it deals with the permeability of heat, sound, moisture and air. Thermal building physics deals, among other things, with the assessment of the indoor climate as well as moisture and heat protection in buildings. The aim is to optimize the building in terms of energy and to successfully prove that the guidelines of the Building Energy Act (GEG) are met in new and existing buildings.

Thermal building physics: ArcheNea's services at a glance

As a reliable energy efficiency consultant, ArcheNea is your partner for all aspects of thermal building physics. For your building project, we take care of the preparation of expert opinions and analyses related to thermal building physics. Our services include:

  • Expert opinions on mold damage, structural defects, moisture protection, screeds and minimum thermal protection
  • Thermal bridge analysis
  • Thermal building physics expert opinions
  • Sunlight studies and shadow analyses
  • Expert opinions for the verification of summer thermal insulation according to DAV 4108-2 

Do you need assistance with topics related to thermal building physics? Then contact ArcheNea today. We are your building experts in Ingolstadt! It is important to us to bring together the individual needs of your building project with current trends such as sustainability and legal requirements such as new energy laws.

When we plan your construction project, we make sure that ...

  • Energy costs are reduced
  • Environmental protection is realized
  • Energy is saved
  • Health protection is given top priority

We work in close cooperation with our clients and find the right concepts for each building project.

Why thermal building physics is important in construction projects

The development of building materials is progressing. More and more materials can be found on the market, and this makes orientation for builders and developers increasingly difficult. At the same time, new directives and laws mean that the requirements for new buildings and existing buildings on the real estate market are becoming ever more stringent. 

It is therefore necessary to continuously review and optimize materials, procedures and processes in construction projects. Through constant review and optimization, you can plan your construction project sustainably and economically.