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Construction project management includes all technical and business aspects of construction project management. The larger a construction project and the more people and trades involved, the more important it is to have proper technical planning. Otherwise, costs can rise uncontrollably and unforeseeable events can jeopardize the entire project. Construction project management is particularly about planning, monitoring and controlling all tasks. We accompany every construction project from the initial planning to the final acceptance by the client.

Construction project management: ArcheNea services at a glance

  • Project Organization: Project organization is the basis of construction project management. This includes the creation of project structures as well as time and cost plans for the construction project. The briefing of all planners, trades and companies involved as well as the definition of clear milestones of the construction project and reliable project documentation are also essential.
  • Communication & Coordination of all involved trades: In any construction project, it is essential to maintain an overview. ArcheNea takes on all coordination for the entire construction project for you. We also ensure reliable and targeted communication.
  • Deadline Management: Deadlines must be met and postponements must be recognized as early as possible and communicated to all parties involved in the construction project.
  • Cost Management: Cost management of a construction project includes cost planning, cost monitoring and cost control. This area goes hand in hand with construction cost planning. Construction cost planning.
  • Quality management: Quality management is the basis for satisfied builders and developers. Consistent quality management ensures that the risk of construction defects and structural damage are kept to a minimum.
  • Permit management: ArcheNea takes care of the planning and execution of permit processes during the planning phase and the construction phase of your construction project. This is important because the approval processes are often time-consuming and costly, especially when it comes to larger construction projects.